• Workshops

    Goal-driven, hands-on workshops in behavioral strategy and change for digital innovators.

  • Motivation Deep Dive / 2 Days

    What are the sources of motivation behind all human action? What drives people at work, at play, in the home and on holiday? How can we design rewards and incentives tied to key sources of motivation?


    Motivation is one of the most complex pieces of the behavior change puzzle. In this workshop, we help teams build a comprehensive picture of how to leverage the power of motivation - within both digital products and organizations.

  • Connected Shifts / 2 Days

    How is digital changing consumer behavior? How are the billion-dollar unicorn club of companies extracting value from new digital behaviors? What do Millennials and Gen Z expect from digital technology? How can we use behavioral tools to leapfrog into a new digital era?


    This evidence-based inspirational workshop combines real world examples with state-of-the art behavioral models for leaders. It maps the key behavioral trends emerging in global digital markets in the next decade.

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