• Work

    Since our founding in 2015 we have been brought in by private and public organisations to engage in a wide range of complex projects.

  • Tourism

    Fabric has been working with a leading public research and technology institution in the Nordics to leverage behavioural design and change tools in their projects to develop new accessibility platforms for Free and Independent Travellers (FITs).


    Fabric has multiple engagements ongoing in Edutech. More recently, Fabric worked with Edacy in Senegal to design and deliver their core educational offering, part of a larger engagement to help Edacy define itself, adapt cross-culturally, find investment and grow globally. We've also recently been helping an early stage Finnish startup to find product-market fit and define their core digital app experience.

    Space Tech

    Fabric was approached by a European Space Technology company to help on multiple levels. We are providing advisory and consulting on entering and realising projects in new markets, while designing outstanding digital service experiences for users of our clients software. We are also integrating the company's cutting-edge technology into our client projects.


    Fabric has been providing advisory and consulting services over years to the European consortium Visit Arctic Europe (VAE) working together with engineering giant WSP. Fabric delivered insights into generational and attitudinal shifts in travel behaviour and designing behavioural interventions for travellers to our client's regions. Our behavioural strategies are informing new initiatives like airport privatisation and design, digital travel & aviation experiences, and a variety of digital products and services.


    Fabric worked with Elisa, a leading billion+ Nordic telecom operator, to design a set of business indicators extracted from the bottom-up, driven by behavioural patterns from within the brand's multiple product lines. In the words of our client, our ability "to connect the soft ‘human’ behaviours and emotions with the hard ‘business' objectives was exceptional and we were able to create not only a solution, but a complete framework to connect customer experience all the way to company financial results.”


    Fabric designed and anchored a series of c-level leadership workshops for a Finnish / US venture-backed analytics company. The goal was to help rethink their core offering based on the behaviours of untapped potential markets, and in doing so realise entirely new revenue and service delivery models for the company.


    Fabric worked hands on in India within the in-house design & innovation studio of a global pharmaceutical leader. Fabric helped to bring behavioural change principles and strategies to the core of the ongoing efforts at the studio. Our work has helped to power the opportunity identification and service innovation work of our client, touching upon multiple areas such as the pharmaceutical supply chain and end-user (patient) behaviour.


    Together with a Fabric specialist partner, designer and inventor Devina Kothari of Zuan Design Labs, we are building and commercialising Glyde - a ground breaking new insulin delivery system designed to address and change core problems in diabetic's lifestyle.

    Smart City

    Fabric has worked over years with the Open Data team within the City of Helsinki to help them focus their efforts on behavioural outcomes for the benefits of citizens.

    We have been consistently involved, for example, with a complex city-wide map-based solution that provides multiple ways for all citizens including the differently-abled to find and access tens of thousands of public service points, such as schools, bus stops, libraries and parks.

    Amateur Sports

    We're helping a young amateur sports startup to refine their product which has early customers, in order to move towards Series A.





    We are working with a large global leader in infrastructure to develop pilots to integrate behavioural smarts into their IOT projects.


    Fabric has worked with a number of incubators, accelerators and startups to infuse behavioural thinking, approaches, methods and tools into startups and startup ecosystems. Our training programs and workshops are consistently igniting innovative thinking in founders and investors in terms of 'behaviour change as the goal' of startups.  



    Societies do not evolve because their members simply grow old, but rather because their mutual relations are transformed.



    —Ilya Prigogine

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