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    Fabric's approach is deeply cross-disciplinary. Each year, we structure small custom teams drawn from our global specialist network in response to specific client challenges.

  • Ashwin Rajan


    Psychology, Behaviour Design

    Ashwin Rajan is a behaviour designer and strategist at Fabric, the firm he founded to help companies focus on behaviour change through technology. Ashwin's experience spans private, public and non-profit sectors in a twenty year career at firms such as Fjord and Deloitte. He studied Psychology and Sociology in India before joining the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) Pilot Year.

    Ashwin Rajan on LinkedIn

    Ashwin's talk at TEDx

    Marcus Olsson

    Computer Vision

    & Virtual Reality

    Marcus led the imaging effort on the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020, and attended Singularity University at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley. Marcus's approach is eclectic and technical. He's hands-on and visionary at once, and is the founder of Technium.io, a firm focussed on realising opportunities from exponential digital technologies. He is currently building up his new VR startup Scenethere.com.

    Malin Gustavsson​

    Gender &


    Malin Gustavsson has 15 years of experiences of working with gender equality issues and 10 years of experiences of using a norm critical approach in the work. Malin has extensive experience of training and coaching individuals as well as groups in gender equality work, creating methods, materials and instructions, integrating gender equality in leadership training, as well as organizing seminars and lecturing. She is the founder and the head of Ekvalita, a gender and diversity impact organisations active in the Nordics.

    Shirah Foy



    Shirah is an interdisciplinary social scientist who draws from psychology, social psychology, cultural anthropology, philosophy & management to comprehend cultural perception and action in business & entrepreneurial settings. Currently pursuing her PhD in Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization at EPFL (Switzerland), her career has spanned politics, PR, finance, and research. She is a serial entrepreneur especially interested in projects at the nexus of design, business, and engineering.

    Lilith Wacker



    Lilith is based in Hamburg and brings an deep understanding of European digital markets to Fabric projects. She has worked in multiple world regions in ethnographic research into human cultures and contexts for business. Her main focus is shaping and conducting ethnographic fieldwork, and then developing insights and recommendations for clients around the globe. Lilith has worked for clients and companies such as Gemic, Procter & Gamble, Fiskars, ReD Associates, A Piece of Pie, Stem Marketing in an over 10 year career.

    Kasimir Kaitue



    Kasimir has a background in Business Technology from Aalto University, Helsinki. He enjoys combining his passion for disruptive technologies and human behaviour with new business development. Kasimir has served in the private equity space within strategic growth, platforms and venture capital at CapMan. He has also founded two startups in marketplaces services, and is a keen analyst, advisor and investor in emerging industries such as healthtech and blockchain. He writes at: kasimirkaitue.com

    Yasmine Abbas


    Intelligence & Culture

    Yasmine is in MIT alum in architecture & culture, who went on continue her education at Harvard. She has been involved with numerous futuristic and extant urban experience design projects over a two decade career, including Environmental Sociologist at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. She is currently the Chair of Design Management at Paris College of Art and founder of Panurban, a strategic design consultancy for futuristic urban experiences.

    Liesbeth Scholten

    Emerging Market


    Of Dutch origin, Liesbeth is based in Amsterdam. She drove innovation projects at Philips & Phillips Design for over a decade, participating and anchoring projects for mature and emerging markets in areas like lighting, healthcare, connected home, and others. Ever an optimist of human potential, Liesbeth founded and runs FreeUp, an firm focussed on enabling excess human potential to power companies towards meaningful innovation.

    Jorge Couchet

    Artificial Learning & Intelligence

    With a research degree in Artificial Intelligence, Italian software engineer Jorge Couchet's career spans leading organizations in the Americas and Europe such as IBM, Shell Petroleum and UNED. His current focus is architecting and implementing predictive algorithms within large-scale machine learning projects to define and resolve complex business and technical problems, He has developed altogether new machine learning components for pattern extraction.


    Ines Vaittinen

    Experience Design & Corporate Innovation

    Ines is a Finnish citizen of the world, having lived abroad for most of her life and career. With a background in Architecture (Politecnico di Milano) and International Design Business Management (Aalto University), Ines is passionate about impacting human behaviour via spatial and environmental design. She has developed products, services and processes for the likes of Airbus and Toyota, and is based in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

    Elina Ilén

    Smart Materials & Textile Sensing

    Elina has worked companies such as Clothing+ and Reima, and gained a D.Sc in Embedded Electronics from Aalto University. Of Finnish origin, Elina is the founder of Planno, a consulting firm that designs, develops, specifies and brings manufacturing partners to the production of smart textiles, garments, and footwear.. She is founder and runs the smart textile consultancy Planno.

    Devina Kothari



    Devina is a Red Dot Winning Indian industrial designer who infuses her work with a passion for social impact in bottom of the pyramid markets. Devina gained her Masters in Industrial Design from India's premier IIT Bombay. Her work spans areas like healthcare, automotive, agriculture and consumer goods. She has won multiple design awards, has recently spoken at TEDx and has been featured extensively in media for her new insulin delivery device: watch Devina at TEDxDevina talk at TEDx

    Juha Kurikka,



    Juha brings a deep understanding and experience of the construction industry from Finland and the Nordics. He is passionate about applying behavioural strategy to changing experiences in slow moving, legacy sectors such as infrastructure, transport, urban, housing & retail development, and construction. He interfaces between Fabric teams and clients in the Nordics who are similarly passionate in application areas such as internet-of-things, connected home, etc.

    Juha on LinkedIn

    Lynda Joy



    Lynda Joy Gerry is a graduate student in Cognitive Science and Phenomenology at University of Copenhagen. She is a Research Associate with BeAnotherLab, most known for The Machine to Be Another, and she works with the Center for Subjectivity Research, the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, and the Multisensory Experience Lab. She works as a scientific research consultant with Makropol ApS and Virtual Reality Denmark. Her research focuses on first-person perspective sharing in virtual environments as a tool to increase interpersonal understanding and facilitate empathic communication.

    Amulya Rajan

    Cognitive Development

    & Ageing

    Amulya is a cognitive psychologist from India and brings her understanding of behaviour and ageing to Fabric's work on technology applications for seniors. She has over a decade of experience in areas such as dementia, stroke, rehabilitation and counselling using proven cognitive science methods as well as non-traditional methods such as yoga. She has worked at and is currently an advisor to the Tata Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Ageing at one of Asia's leading clinics, the Memory Clinic at NIMS Hospital and ARDSI Hyderabad

    Marcin Ignac



    Marcin, or 'Vorg' as he likes to be called has a diverse computational design background, experience and skills, and brings a proven data-driven-design edge to Fabric. He is the founder of Variable, a studio in London that helps clients find meaning, magic and monetisation in very large and complex data sets. Marcin has recently worked with Google, MC Saatchi, Maersk, Danish Agency for Culture, Tellart and several others, Marcin attended the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Pilot Year.

    Gopalkrishnan Kokkatil

    Artificial Intelligence &

    Space Science

    Gopalkrishnan (KV) brings programming, numerical simulations, mathematics and space science methods to advanced data science and machine learning challenges for Fabric clients. He's built mathematical models and devised algorithms in areas such as space simulation, land surveying, weather, GPS and a bunch of others areas within research and industry contexts. He's currently leading data science efforts in the IOT space. KV was a Research Fellow at IIT Bombay and gained a Master in Space Science from Helsinki University.

    Tuomas Tikka



    Tuomas has been a key member and systems integrator within Finnish Nanosatellite development efforts in the past decade at Aalto University, Helsinki. More recently, he co-founded and is the CEO of Reaktor Space, a startup in collaboration with the leading Finnish digital powerhouse Reaktor. Fabric is working with Tuomas and his team on realising novel consumer and citizen opportunities and applications in the domain of Space-as-a-Service.

    Agnieszka Pokrywka

    Science Fiction


    Of Polish origin, Agnieszka has worked in animation, art criticism, computer simulations & physics, interaction design & transmedia studies. She attended leading schools in Poland, Switzerland and Denmark, including Copnehagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). She's vice chair at Pixelache, a Helsinki-based transdisciplinary group for emerging art, design, research and activism. She co-founder Temporary, a blockchain currency-run experimental space supported by the Kone Foundation. Agnieszka has lived and worked in Europe and Asia. Her current focus is on participatory methods in cultural production and science fiction prototyping as a foresight tool.





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