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  • FABRIC is a behavioural consultancy for the digital age​

    As customers adopt digital technology, they develop new expectations, habits and lifestyles. And so technological innovation driven by human behaviour is the new competitive advantage. Fabric provides clients with behavioural strategies and tools to unlock value in the global market.

  • We work in

    Incubation & Acceleration

    Go from zero to one in market understanding and product-market fit for new digital offerings.

    Digital Growth

    Tap into human psychology to drive product engagement, growth & monetization.

    Digital Transformation

    Design and deploy behavioural change strategies for embedding digital into your organisational DNA.

    UX & Customer Experience

    Drive prototyping, value proposition development, and concept generation for behavioural results.

    International Adaptation

    Adapt your digital products, services and organisation to connect with international markets and foreign cultures.

    Data Sensemaking

    Find behavioural sense in data to inform and shape your future data strategy.






    "Technology is the answer. But what was the question?"






    - Cedric Price

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